What do you use lameGenLite for?

     You can use lameGenLite to generate a single password to websites such as Amazon, eBay, MySpace, or even forums that will be harder for someone to guess or crack than say your pets name.

However, lameGenLite is NOT a keymaker/keygen, it will not give you a serial number for any application or game.


What is a mask and how do I use it?


     This is where you control what characters and how long the password(s) will be, the characters you can use are x, X, #, and @.

x would be lower case alphabet characters.
X is upper case alphabet characters.
# is numeric characters.
@ is special characters.

Say you wanted to make a 10 character password using all above styles. x##XX@xxX# would get you something like this:

Any character other than the ones above will come out as the character you typed. So if you made an all lower case 6 letter password and added an A to it(xxxxxxA) it would come out like this xqputdA


How do I generate the password?


     After you set the mask to generate click the generate button and the password will be generated.


Why use lameGenLite and not lameGen?

     If you just want to make a quick password and don't need the all the options in lameGen then lameGenLite is for you. Also, because regular lameGen does not current work on a Mac and lameGenLite does.

Current Restrictions.

     lameGenLite is currently beta software and has no options at all, so that means everything is hard coded in the software so it will have a few restrictions of what it can and can't do.
It will not create a password less than 4 characters.
It can't create a password with greater than 67 characters.
It can't create a password with greater than 10 numeric characters.
It can't create a password with greater than 26 alphabetic characters.
It can't create a password with greater than 31 special characters.

The reason for this is so that the same character isn't used in the password. Maybe in future builds I will add some options so that this behavior will change.

What is donationware?

     Donationware is software that's freeware but if you really enjoy the program you can make a small donation.


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