1.1.3 [07/02/2005] [232 KB] [Screenshot]
-Added multiple language support.
-Added incrementing numbers.
-Added save as CSV.
-Added remove mask from list.

1.1.2 [02/03/2005] [172 KB] [Screenshot]
-Added add mask to list.
-Added customize mask.
-Added generate from command line.
-Added popup for auto-update.
-Added Copy selected and Copy all popup menu to list.
-Added customized generation.
-Fixed minor bugs.

1.1.1 [01/24/2005] [280 KB] [Screenshot]
-Changed interface again.
-Added button sounds.
-Added clear clipboard on exit.
-Fixed minor bugs.

1.1.0 [01/18/2005] [272 KB] [Screenshot]
-Added option to save last used mask/number generated.
-Added option keep on top.
-Added option to confirm clear list.
-Added option to save/auto-save last generated password(s).
-Added some error handling.
-Added Flat or XP style.
-Added double click list to copy password.
-Fixed minor bugs.

1.0.9 [08/05/2004] [112 KB] [Screenshot]
-Added save list.
-Added options and about form.

1.0.8 [07/12/2004] [100 KB] [Screenshot]
-Rewrote all code and changed whole interface.

1.0.7 [04/05/2004] [148 KB] [Screenshot]
-Added allow user to turn on/off check for update on load.

1.0.6 [07/01/2003] [148 KB] [Screenshot]
-Added generate upto a 50 chr password.
-Added options form to add your own special characters.
-Added open in position closed.

1.0.5 [05/10/2003] [112 KB] [Screenshot]
-Changed the user interface a little.

1.0.4 [04/20/2003] [104 KB] [Screenshot]
-Fixed the color problem.

1.0.2 [02/25/2003] [104 KB] [Screenshot]
-Added minimize button.
-Added check for update on load.

1.0.1 [01/24/03] [100KB] [Screenshot]
-First release.

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