lameGenLite is a simple password generator, it will generate a password from 4 through 67 characters in length. Please read the help section to find out certain restrictions the program has currently.

It can generate in lower case, upper case, numeric, special symbols, or all depending on the mask you use. Just press generate and you're done.

lameGenLite is Freeware/Donationware.

lameGenLite requires Windows 2000/XP(x86/x64)/Vista (x86/x64) or Mac OSX 10.5.x(Universal)

lameGenLite is currently in beta stages, so it will contain bugs and there are currently no options to set. If you find a bug please let me know in the forum.
Also, lameGenLite is english only and as of now I don't plan to make it multilingual.
lameGenLite Screenshot
lameGenLite Screenshot

Program Name: Size: Platform: Released: MD5:
lameGenLite Beta Setup(.exe) 1.15 MB Windows 10/22/2008 77e4ea904d73994b864e706f86331e8f
lameGenLite Beta Setup(.dmg) 3.62 MB Mac 10/22/2008 2777a0ea0f68b83a442b58caf7682fdf

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