lame-industries software updates
01/31/10  6:21PM
I've recently started work back on lamGen after close to five years without an update. I'm starting from scratch as I added some features to it previously that I don't want to add in the next release(able to email passwords). It could end up being used as a spamming tool and I really don't want that to happen. I would say I'm about 25% along but I have no release date goal. The interface is slightly updated and it will work with Windows 7 but I'm dropping support for anything pre XP. I might even drop the multilingual option but have not quite decided about that yet as I know a lot of the users are from other parts of the world.
I also started on a password generator for Windows Mobile 6.5, it was more of project just to use for myself as I don't know if that would actually be needed by anyone else , currently in alpha stages and buggy but it generates. If you'd find it useful let me know and maybe I'll consider releasing it.

lameGenLite Beta Released
10/22/08  11:30PM
lameGenLite is just like lameGen except it's for people who don't like bloated software or software with options they'll never use. It's a single password generator that uses the same mask scheme as lameGen but it will have a lot less options, currently none, you just generate and that's it. It's for Windows 2k+ and Mac OSX 10.5.x.

New Language
12/01/05  6:39AM
Thanks to Tony for sending in a translation of Dutch.

You can download the file in the lameGen > Languages section.

New Language
08/09/05  5:14PM
Thanks to Erhan for sending in a translation of Turkish.

You can download the file in the lameGen > Languages section.

New Language
07/07/05  10:53AM
Thanks to Helton for sending in a translation of Portuguese.

You can download the file in the lameGen > Languages section, I've also added it to both installers.

New Version
07/02/05  5:04PM
lameGen 1.1.3 was just released. These are all the changes made:
  • Added multiple language support.
  • Added incrementing numbers.
  • Added save as CSV.
  • Added remove mask from list.

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